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In the latest leak of Honkai: Star Rail, players have received details about the upcoming version 2.2 mini-games. These mini-games offer a variety of unique concepts and multiple stages, ranging from puzzle-solving to combat against enemies. Players can interact with NPCs and engage in different activities to earn rewards such as stellar jades and rail passes.

Recent online leaks have provided insights into the content of Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2. The focus of this update is on introducing Boothill and Robin, two new penacony characters with distinctive skills. Players can acquire them for their teams by utilizing special rail passes on dedicated banners. Additionally, the update will feature the inclusion of their signature weapons in the rotation, offering exciting new gameplay possibilities.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

Oneiric Shards

are a valuable resource in Honkai Star Rail, crucial for upgrading and enhancing the skills of Valkyries and Stigmata, thereby bolstering the combat efficiency of characters. Players looking to expedite their progress or power up their characters can obtain Oneiric Shards through various in-game activities, or they may opt for a

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via game trading platforms. These platforms enable players to purchase the shards directly with real currency, providing a faster and more straightforward means to secure this essential in-game asset.

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