“Where can I buy CBD edibles near me in California? Or how can I buy marijuana edibles online? What about the best CBD edibles for pain or, perhaps, for pleasure? Where can I get the best and tastiest THC and marijuana edibles sent straight to my location?”

The invention of the marijuana edible candy was a game-and-life-changer, undeniably. What was once strictly ritualistic and alien has become casual, pleasurable, and inclusive. While we are proud to provide flowers made from strains of strong and classical appeals, dank and diesel scents, and particularly potent varieties of flowers, we also pride ourselves on riding the wave of edibles for everyone! Taking the mouth-watering forms of marijuana edible candies, edible gummies, snacks, treats, and many other easy-to-down, enjoyable-to-taste foods, we are more than proud, we’re ecstatic to bring you the best edibles on this side of the candy shop.

Where once medicine and disgust were one, medicine being made of sour, bitter licorice flavors and being treated with nauseated hatred by the sick and unwell, the curative properties of THC and CBD edibles combined with the sweet, sugary taste of our wide catalogue of candy flavors, there’s no reason any more to fear the doctor. Whether you’re using your edibles for deeper, gentler sleep, easing anxieties, treating chronic pains or lessening depression, you’re not going to need a spoonful of sugar to help this medicine go down.

When you hit up L.A. Rush, don’t forget to stock up on edibles for a relaxing and easy-going high inside a delightfully sweet package.

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