Devour the soul against the sky

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The big prince shook his head helplessly.

The big prince shook his head helplessly. The captain of the Death Sickle Team only listened to Liu Feng and Monstock. He asked for instructions from the other side. He was afraid that if he asked for instructions like Monstock, Monstock would not agree. And looked back at the carriage is still in shock, in the heart of the young man in the carriage can not help but feel very admiration, can single-handedly build up such a powerful to shocking cavalry, and can also make the troops loyal to it, such means is amazing enough. Only those who have seen the battle of the Death Sickle Team can truly understand their strength, and the loyal ministers of Liu Feng have even formed some kind of power similar to faith, which makes the team often able to wield far more fighting power than their own strength. After a while, the big prince's face changed slightly, because he was now the captain of the death sickle who had fled back in the direction of his own side, yes, he had fled back, and he was obviously seriously injured. The big prince did not want to think, directly from his mount jumped out, he had seen the captain behind the four men in black in hot pursuit, although the breath of the body scattered some cold, but all are nine strong, obviously, the captain should be injured by four people. Just a breathing time, the big prince has been to the front of the small captain, let the small captain after the cold annotation of the four men in black who came up to kill, on the body of the strong momentum of the holy order, immediately the four people stopped, a face of horror at him. These four people are the highest level of the killer hall gold medal killer, itself has nine levels of strength, the killer hall a total of eight gold medal killers, the action all of a sudden out of half, we can see how important this action for the killer hall, the original target character will be killed, what is needed has been obtained, you can go back to hand in. But unexpectedly, at the last moment, a character representing the accident suddenly came out. Although here is the official road, often people come and go, the killer hall people are ready to deal with the accident, but did not expect this sudden appearance of the guy is also a nine-level strong, so that there is not enough preparation under the killer hall killer did not do the first time to kill the captain. Since there is no killing on the spot, then the natural thing to do is to uproot, leaving no future trouble, but more unexpected is that chasing the nine-level strong is just turning a corner, there was a motorcade. The most exaggerated thing is that in this motorcade, there is a strong man of the holy rank who is overwhelmed by the breath of the big prince. The four gold medal killers of the killer hall can't help but secretly complain in their hearts. If they had known that they would have escaped directly just now, touch screen kiosk , they would have chased the nine-level strong man to come here. This is good. They can't even walk. These four people were originally the Western Continent and became horrible killers, but at this moment they stood in front of the big prince like the most honest baby and dared not move at all. Who are you? The big prince asked coldly, he did not directly kill the four people, at least to find out what these people are doing. Volume 14 Chapter 657 Strange Stones "Your Highness, they are the men of the Hall of Killers. We met their killers before we went to Garrivado. Although those killers are much weaker than these four men, they share the same breath." Danny watched his companion seriously injured, already out of the crowd, staring at the four gold medal killers in front of him with a bad look. The members of Death Sickle have a very good relationship with each other. They live and die with each other. When they go to the battlefield, they kill the enemy together. When they go to the battlefield, they sleep together. They have long been closer than brothers. Therefore, when they see their teammates seriously injured, these captains are all murderous. The four gold medal killers were surprised again. What is the background of these people in front of them? How can each of them be more murderous than they are? Wait a minute? Have you ever met our killer? One of the gold medal killer suddenly hit a sudden in the heart, not long ago there was a large-scale action in the hall, originally sent to the strength of the personnel should be able to guarantee the completion of the task, but in the end I don't know why, to the killer did not come back alive, that is to say, not only the task failed, but also the killer hall paid a heavy price for it. That operation lost at least one third of the killer hall's troops, although most of them were low-level killers, and the silver medal killer lost only one, but it had a great impact on the overall echelon of the killer hall. After that incident, his boss is a big thunder, he has never seen the boss who has always been calm as an iceberg can still be so big fire, which makes his heart can not help but have a little doubt, the boss so big fire is because of the loss of the killer hall personnel, or because the task has not been completed? Then sent to investigate the killer also did not investigate what the problem, only know that the strength of the other side is extremely terrible, their own killer basically no resistance was completely eliminated. Later, the boss there seemed to know some other news, this matter is a bit of a sign of nothing, and today's task, the boss attaches no less importance to the degree of last time, with the last experience after the boss will send four gold medal killers in one breath, if their four people die here again, I'm afraid the killer hall is really equivalent to removing half of the strength. As killers, they are not afraid of death all the year round, but they do not know what can make the boss who has always been calm become so crazy. Thinking of this, the killer touched his waist, and the thing he was looking for in this mission lay there quietly, a strange stone. Although this action is very subtle, but the sharp-eyed big prince still see very clearly, the heart moved, the whole person has come to the killer's side, one hand to control the four killers, the other hand has taken the small black cloth bag around the killer's waist, four killers Qi Qi face a change, but was enveloped by the momentum of the big prince but did not dare to have the slightest change.