Memories of Midnight _ Sidney Shelton

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He gave her a hard slap in the face. Can't I do that because I'm a boy?

He gave her a hard slap in the face. Can't I do that because I'm a boy? Did I surprise you? That's because I'm a good actor. I'm 30 years old, Catherine. You know, why do I look like a guy? That's because I never had a full meal when I was a child. I live off the leftovers I steal from dumpsters at night. He took the knife, forced her throat, and pushed her step by step towards the wall behind her. When I was a kid, I saw soldiers rape my parents and then whip them to death. Then they raped me and left me for dead. He pushed Katherine and forced her into the depths of the basement. Atanas, I-I've never hurt you a little bit, I.. He gave his boyish smile. It has nothing to do with individuals. This is business. You're worth $50,000 to me. Damn you. There seemed to be a curtain hanging in front of her, and her eyes seemed to be covered with a red fog. But a part of her body was out of it,Brushless Gear Motor, looking down at what was happening in front of her. I had a wonderful plan for you. But now the boss is in a hurry, so we have to make do at the last minute, right? Catherine could feel the point of the knife pressing hard against her neck. Atanas brandished his knife and tore the front of her dress. Beautiful, "he said." So beautiful. I had planned for us to have a party first, but since your doctor friend is coming,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, we don't have much time, do we? That's too bad for you. I am a very good lover. Catherine stood there, almost gasping for breath. Atanas took from his jacket pocket a pint bottle containing a pale pink liquid. Have you ever had plum brandy? We'll drink to your accident, eh? He took the knife and opened the bottle. For a moment, Catherine wanted to run away. "Come," Atanas said gently, "drink a little." Catherine licked her lips. "I said, small geared motors ,Small Geared Motors, I-I'll pay you, I'll.." "Cut the crap!" Atanas took a swig, then handed over the bottle. "Drink." He said No, I don't.. "Drink!" Catherine took the bottle and inhaled it, the brandy's strong stimulation burning her throat. Atanas took the bottle back and took another swig. Who tipped off your doctor friend that someone was going to kill you? "I-I don't know." "It doesn't matter how you spell it." "Go over there," said Atanas, pointing to a pillar supporting the ceiling. Catherine glanced at the door. She felt the point of the steel knife pressing down on her neck again. Don't make me say it twice. Catherine walked toward the wooden post. That's a good girl. Atanas said, "Sit down." He turned away for a moment. At this moment, Catherine rushed to the door. She ran quickly up the stairs, her heart pounding violently. She was running for her life. The first step, then the second, and when she was ready to run up again, a hand caught her foot and pulled her back. Incredibly, Atanas is very powerful. Bitch He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head to his eyes. If you try again, I'll break your feet. She could feel the knife against her shoulder blade. Go Atanas pushed her to the pillar and threw her to the ground. "Don't move!" Catherine watched him walk to a pile of cardboard boxes packed with thick rope. He cut two pieces of rope and walked back. Put your hands behind the pillar. "No, Atanas, I …" Punch her on the cheek. Everything in the room was a blur. Atanas leaned over and said softly, "Don't say no to me again.". Do what I tell you to do before I cut your ***ing head off. Catherine put her hand behind the pillar. Atanas bound her hands. After a while, she felt the rope pinched tightly into her wrist and the blood stopped flowing. "Please don't do that," she said. "It's too tight." "That would be great." He grinned. Then he took a second rope and tied her feet tightly around her ankles. He stood up. Ok "Everything is comfortable," he said. He took another sip of brandy. Do you want another bite? Catherine shook her head. He shrugged his shoulders. Fine She watched him put the bottle to his mouth again. Maybe he'll get drunk and fall asleep. Catherine thought in despair. I used to drink a quart of wine a day. Boasted Atanas. He put the empty bottle on the concrete floor. 'All Right, time to work. ' "What-what are you going to do?" I'm going to make a little accident. This will be a masterpiece. Maybe I can even charge Demiris double. Demisins! So it wasn't just a dream. He was behind it. But why? Catherine watched Atanas walk across the room towards the great boiler. He removed the outer steel plate and examined the observation hole and eight boiler steel plates for insulation. The safety valve was mounted in a protective metal frame. Atanas picked up a small piece of wood and forced it into the frame so that the safety valve would not work. The thermometer was set at 150 degrees. As Catherine watched, he set the thermometer to its highest limit. Satisfied, he returned to Catherine's side. Do you remember how much trouble the boiler caused us? Asked Atanas. "Well, I'm afraid it's going to be open now." He approached Catherine. When the thermometer rises to 400 degrees, the boiler will explode. You know what will happen then? The gas pipes would burst,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, the boiler plates would set on fire, and the whole building would explode like a bomb. You're crazy! There are innocent people upstairs outside, and they.. 。