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The big black bull looked at him disdainfully. But,Pi tape measure, but, but, but she is also the fiancee of the Golden God of War. The three-eyed prodigy struggled for a moment and said helplessly.

No problem. Sika, I also see the trajectory of fate, although very vague, but the two of them, at least thirty or fifty years, there will be no danger. "Well, I saw the words on the dice of fate. My brother's name is Austin, and my sister's name is Frody." After Sika said the two names, he felt like something had been taken away from him, and a lot of sweat flowed out. Sarin took her hand and held the baby in one hand, not knowing what to say. This kind of skill, to the seat card's loss is bigger, peeps the destiny the person, always can receive some curses the class the damage. Therefore, astrologers seldom tell the essence of things, but use analogies to allude to the fate they see. The seat card, on the other hand, reads the words on the dice of fate directly. Sarin called in a low voice. The Caucasian soldier outside the door came in. Sarin handed the child to the Caucasian soldier and said, "I'll go to the top floor with Sika. You take care of it." The two children danced with joy when they saw their parents leaving, but they did not cry. Sarin took Sika to the top floor of the temple, on the roof, where Sarin's Elemental Magic Tower was parked. Entering the Elemental Magic Tower, Sarin then let Sika stand in the magic array on the seventeenth floor, which is a balanced magic array,Surveyors tape measure, the only function of which is to keep space and energy in a state of almost no movement. When it comes to alchemy, mages often choose this magic array to avoid danger in the process of alchemy. Sicka stood up, and Sarin took out the sixteen-level star needle. The power in the star needle had always been used to make ancient dolls. This time, he wanted to use astrology skills for Sicka. Bright stars, flying out of the star-gathering needle, disappeared into the body of Sika one by one, and Sarin began to sing in his mouth-the long river of fate, please baptize my lover's soul,cattle weight tape, the stars on your face, please protect my lover's body from any punishment of fate.. What Sarin sings is the star prayer of every astrologer. This time, he directly cut out more than half of his life power and sank into Sika's body with the power of the stars. The power of life and the power of stars are intertwined, merging with the life of the seat card, and the damage of the seat card leaking the true meaning of fate has been repaired. Salin was overjoyed. This time, his life span was only two hundred years, but it was enough to advance to the eleventh level, that is, within a hundred years. If you can't advance in a hundred years, there are so many enemies on the whole continent that you can kill yourself at any time. If you don't make progress, others will make progress. Salin is tantamount to leaving no way out for himself. At this moment, his thinking has never been clear and clear, and his understanding of fate is much deeper. All external things are illusory, and what the living beings pursue is life itself. I gave up my life in exchange for this feeling. This truth, the magician wrote a lot in his notes, even a first-level mage will know, but knowing is not equal to understanding. This time, Diameter tape measure ,fish measuring tape, Sarin understood the true meaning of this sentence. Only those who have paid will understand, otherwise, it is just a sentence in the book. With this feeling, Salin said to the teacher can also be more thorough understanding, what a mess of field power, are useless, only to explore the field of thunder and lightning, it is possible to go further and become a level 11 magic teacher. And the advanced thirteen poles, but also can not use the power of the field of plunder, can only rely on their own hard work to get the field, to promote to the rank of the rules, thirteen poles, began to really touch the rules. Salin's previous understanding of the rules was like a small fish seeing the sea. If people want to get something, they must pay the same price. Salin has never agreed with this sentence so much at any time. If it wasn't for the two children, if it wasn't for the love of the seat card, how could I understand this truth so quickly? Sarin, you go to deal with things in the Alchemy City first. I'm afraid I'm going to break through the nine levels. At this time, Sika said something that made Salin excited. Sika has been suffering from the inability to advance, this time, the benefits are not only Salin, Sika after giving almost all of his life, but also finally understand the priest about the sacrifice of the truth. Ten levels up, she is the true priest of nature, even if there are no three war souls. Originally she wanted to advance, three war souls must damage at least one, let her understand what is the truth of sacrifice, understand the source of the power of the priest, now do not need, Sika used ancient sorcery, in an instant, see through their current fate. When Sarin saw that Sika was going to break through, he stopped hanging out with Sika. He went back to the temple and found Zola. Although Zola was not in tune, he was the most suitable manager among the people around Salin. When Zola was a teacher in Yunliu's court, it was also because of his special talent that he could command people of similar rank to him, or even the same rank as him, and Zola had a way to tame them slowly. This ability to control is not entirely innate, and requires a complex life experience to make this skill more complete. Most of the people around Salin are simple, only this Zola has experienced ups and downs. Find Zola, and Sarin asked about the people from the Alchemy City. It happened a week ago, when a fleet of ships came from Alchemy City to purchase metal here. The number of purchases was so large that Zola did not immediately decide, but said that Sarin was not there and the regent was not there, so he could not agree. In fact, the seat card is in, but the seat card and Sarin have had exchanges, know and Alchemy City will inevitably fall out, in the end, the two sides are afraid of a life-and-death situation. Alchemy City needs metal. How can Sika sell it to them. You know, the whole Qin Yin, metal veins in addition to the Salin side, the rest are in the hands of the Qin Yin royal family, Glucos family control of the metal veins is extremely strict, even after the north out of control,Walking measuring wheel, Qin Yin master also incidentally destroyed a lot of mines, these mines are completely destroyed, so that the people of the Tangulas Empire can not be re-excavated in three or five years.