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If you succeed, it's all right,Ceramic Bobbin, but if you fail, it's estimated that even the Three Realms will be implicated! Then I must try, right? How do you know if you can do it without trying? 。

General Manager Gu spoils this Miss Qiao, but she may not let go of this innocent passer-by who knows too much! She was afraid that if she talked any more, she would reveal more things that she shouldn't know. Han Wei hurriedly picked up a script and handed it to Qiao Pangbai: "Well, you asked me to help you find a good role that is more interesting and challenging." I've been screening for more than a month, and I feel that this should be in line with your requirements. "Really?" Qiao Pangbai took the script with interest, his eyes fell on the cover, and his eyebrows were gently raised: "Literary films?"? Sisters? "Well, it's reasonable to say that your first work is a Hollywood blockbuster, and the work behind it is still at the same level as the Three Realms, or even higher." But because "Three Realms" hasn't been released yet, the outside world doesn't know what you're playing, so although there are books handed over from Hollywood, I looked at them and found that they were basically guest roles with very few scenes. Even if the most scenes, it is only a female number three. Instead, I think it's better to put aside these requirements for the time being and find a good script and a good team to cooperate with. Maybe it will be more helpful for you. Chapter 646: New Script Han Wei simply told Qiao Pangbai about the current situation and began to talk about the script: This script was sent by director Yang Huai. Do you know director Yang Huai? He is also a very famous director in China. This "sisters", it is said that five years ago has been bought the copyright, but has been unable to find the right person to play,10g Ozone Generator, so it was shelved. Now I guess I heard that you took part in the Three Realms, so I sent an audition invitation and wanted you to try it. "An audition?" Qiao Pangbai touched his chin with interest: "I heard that this kind of direct delivery of the book, does not mean that as long as the actors agree, the matter is settled?"? How come I'm here, and it's just an audition? "You don't think about what you're doing now!" Han Wei gave her a white look in silence: "Director Yang is pointing to this film to win the award, and can it be spoiled casually?"? Of course, if you want to wait until after the release of Three Realms,Ceramic Band Heater, when everyone comes to you, it's not impossible to make a decision. But in this way, if you finally choose the play directed by Yang, it will make people feel that you did not agree before in order to wait for a better one. In the end, it seems that Director Yang is the best. Although this practice is quite common in the industry, it is hard to say whether Director Yang will leave a bad impression on you. "In the final analysis, I don't have the capital to make a direct decision now." Understanding nodded, Qiao Pangbai is not very concerned about this, after all, she is acting in this respect, it is only a newcomer. He raised his hand to open the script, and Qiao quickly browsed it roughly. When I finally closed it, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic bobbin element, I couldn't help smiling: "It's really interesting." "How else could I bring it to you?" Han Wei proudly raised his chin: "When I first saw it, I thought it was quite suitable for you. After all, didn't you receive a similar patient in a mental hospital before?" "There's still a difference." Qiao Pangbai muttered and turned over the script again. In fact, it is not a particularly complicated story. It is about a pair of twin sisters who go to school in other places and seldom go home. Then suddenly one day, the police went to the twin sisters' home and told their parents that the younger sister of the twins had committed a murder! The sudden news, for this ordinary small family, is like a bolt from the blue. The couple, who had always been honest, did not want to believe that their daughter would do such a thing, so they rushed to the city where the sisters lived overnight. As a result, when they arrived, they found that the younger sister had already disappeared, and only the elder sister could still be contacted. However, as to why the younger sister would cause such a murder case, the elder sister also did not know. So my sister became a well-known wanted criminal. Three years passed in a flash, but my sister was never found. At the same time, the couple found that their sister's behavior, including some unintentional small actions, was becoming more and more like her sister! But they just thought it was because the elder sister missed her sister too much and didn't think much about it. Until his sister's body was found, the police came to him. Only then did everyone realize in horror that in the past three years, my sister had actually been living as a sister! Chapter 647: Think clearly? As the truth dribbled out, people thought it was finally coming to an end. As a result, the forensic doctor found that my sister had died four years ago! That is to say, there was a full year in the middle, and no one found my sister missing! And at the same time, the sister's side, and the doctor detected a split personality. In short, this is a constant reversal of the story, whenever the audience think that this is the end, the next moment of things, will immediately tell you that everything is just beginning! Pinching the thick script in his hand, Qiao did not hesitate to make a decision directly on the spot: "Sister Wei, please help me contact Director Yang to see when it's convenient for him to audition. I want to take this role!" "Think clearly?" Han Wei raised his eyes slightly: "The personality gap between sister and sister is quite big, but in the middle part, you have to perform the feeling that she is both sister and sister." This degree is very difficult to master, and it can be said that it is extremely difficult. Otherwise, Director Yang will not be unable to find a suitable candidate for five years. Age is one aspect, but the more important thing is the difficulty of the role, which is beyond the control of ordinary people. If you succeed, it's all right,Ceramic Bobbin, but if you fail, it's estimated that even the Three Realms will be implicated! Then I must try, right? How do you know if you can do it without trying? 。