Bring down Satan, Your Highness -- The morning light is dim

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If you succeed, it's all right,Ceramic Bobbin, but if you fail, it's estimated that even the Three Realms will be implicated! Then I must try, right? How do you know if you can do it without trying? 。

Just light way: "I am not …" My father, Suixin, is not my mother, your calculation, on us, is doomed to fail. "So.." Do you know why I forced you to come back and live together? Because.. You're jealous. "Well," said Yin Jue with a light smile, "this is one of them.. There is also a yearning, with you, there is the excitement I want. And the yearning I want, looking at you, I will unconsciously think of things when I was young. Always guessing in my head, acting in various ways, each A way of ending.. I would think that if I acted like a good person.. Blessing your parents silently, what can you become in the end? Still think.. If I have a more gentle way, not to force your mother so tight, the mentality of not seeking success is so strong, will the outcome be different! All kinds of ideas.. Would I do it all over again! You guess.. What is the result? Yin Liuli looked at him silently and did not speak. "If you ask me," said Yin Jue with a smile,ceramic bobbin heater, "maybe I'll tell you what I think in the deepest part of my heart.." As a result.. What is it? "The result is.." I'll do it again. Yin Liuli immediately turned his head and did not look at him. And Yin Jue is lying, what he really thinks is not this answer. Most of the time, I'm actually thinking.. If time can come again, I hope that afternoon. Do not fight with people, so that we will not meet. Love to the extreme, also hate to the extreme, because of her death. I'd rather die than give him a chance. It was a nightmare that haunted him all his life. But who can care about the inner world of such a person? Yin Liuli has Ruan Suixin. And he,alumina c799, long ago did not have Li Liuxiang. Just himself, and all his fantasies. Soon, the mind of those who should not be melancholy dissipated, raised his head along the line of sight of Yin Liuli, looking at the Ferris wheel in midair, stopped, the corners of the mouth slightly curved a radian. Liuli, guess what they're doing in there? Because it was night, there was only a very dim light in the Ferris wheel, and it was so high and so far away that it was impossible to see the scene inside. Yin Jue tried to break down his trust with Ruan Suixin. That's really well-intentioned. But Yin Liuli bent her lips and said, "I guess.." Feng Yan is being scolded. Yin Jue could not help twitching at the corners of her mouth. At this time, the smelly boy can still laugh. And Yin Liuli knows Ruan Suixin too well. Yes, now in the Ferris wheel, Ruan Suixin was facing Feng Yan with his hands akimbo and said, steatite c221 ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "Are you one of Yin Jue's dogs?"? Don't you dare to go west if you are told to go east? Are you so obedient? Do you have any self-awareness? You know, you're a human being with a mind of your own. Why do you have to get ***ed every time? Control what to do? Feng Yan lowered his eyes and said, "I'd like to." "Hehe.." Good one. I'd love to! Feng Yan, do you know that if you go on like this and follow Yin Jue all the time with those winds, you will bring about your own destruction? "You can die for him." Ruan Suixin almost died of anger. Why, I want to know why! "Isn't it right to give him back the life he gave?" "What does he mean by giving? Isn't it your biological parents who gave you life?" "I don't know where I came from, I don't know where I'm going!" "What about memory?" "No memory." I'll go! Feng Yan, haven't you ever doubted that you were controlled from the beginning after living abroad for so long? "I said no memory, is that when we were adopted, we were too young, as long as we can remember, we have been obeying the master's orders, so many years, have long been used to.". ” "Yin Jue, that's psychological control!" "There is that form abroad, but the master never hurt us when we were young!"! When you are an adult, you will be punished for doing something wrong. You have never been punished before. If you don't train people like others, you will be thrown into hell. You will not be beaten until you are convinced. None of these.. That Nima Yin Jue is really well-intentioned, and only such a person, will be so dead set on following him! Ruan Suixin didn't know what to say. Anyway There is big love and small love in this world. Since ancient times, good prevails over evil. Yin Jue's fate has been predictable. You should think about it for yourself in the future. "Wait until that day." Ruan Suixin, thank you for telling me this. "Oh, I just said that in the past to ten thousand, you may not listen to it, but it's just a waste of breath." Feng Yan smiled bitterly. In fact, not every word she said, he can remember in mind, but. Just won't do it. Ruan Suixin Ferris wheel outside the scenery, the expression began to become soft way: "Now that all come up, let's take a good look at the scenery.." Look over there, my baby Liuli, so tiny. In my heart, the weight is so big ~! Feng Yan smiled bitterly again and looked down her line of sight. He doesn't know. She deliberately said so, just to show her position, so that he should not give birth to the idea that he should not have. But his heart is his, and no one can change it. Can like.. Can also not disturb, and did not think, to too much. So alone in a space to see the night scene. It's all a luxury, in this life. I guess this is the only time. Look at the Ferris wheel that slowly begins to descend. Feng Yan wants to.. Time can pity people like him and pass a little. Is it so slow to lose? Chapter 1675: Children brought by Fu Mingyang. But in this world, everything can change, but time can not change. Time goes by minute by minute. The Ferris wheel finally descended and the door was opened. Ruan Suixin walked out slowly from inside. Feng Yan looked at her back. Meditating in my heart, my wish is. You can live up to your name and follow your heart in this life. Always so happy and energetic, always able to be the best of themselves. Silently lowered his eyes,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, told himself, wind inflammation, the heart.