Recommend [Farming] to have space to marry your husband (total number: Xitulanya Everything House

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The strange helmet protected the head,stainless tile trim, leaving only the face uncovered, and the long hair of thirteen was not completely covered by the helmet, fluttering leisurely behind thirteen.

"It's funny to say that the owner is a brother and can't marry them, and I don't know what the women who like to go to the owner's side think." "You can't say that. With the ability of the owner, and often separated from the second owner, even if you can't have a status, as long as you can climb up to the owner, you can enjoy endless splendor and wealth." "But the owner let them down. The owner is so capable, but he is an infatuated lover." Wen Lang did not hear the comments of the clerk in the shop, he took the letter to the back, back to his nap room, can not wait to open the letter, even from which a red bean rolled out. Unfolding the letter, Wen Lang looked at the contents carefully. In the letter, You Jingshu talked about his recent situation, as well as the situation at home. He also wrote that the victims in the suburbs were all well and were developing in a good direction, and there was no epidemic. Sweet potatoes just harvested a wave, not only enough for the victims to eat, but also a lot more,stainless steel tile edge trim, simply can not eat, sent a lot to the people of Quanxi County, thank them for their help during this period. Hou Zhixian has eaten sweet potatoes for seven days in a row. He is really tired of eating them. Now he feels sick when he sees sweet potatoes. Wen Lang was very happy to see it. At the end of the letter, You Jingshu wrote: Send red beans from afar to express my lovesickness. These eight words let Wen Lang's eyes soft down, fingers carefully stroked the words of Youjingshu. He also wants to visit Jingshu. Fortunately, the business here has gradually stabilized, and it won't be long before he can go back. Wen Lang rubbed the ruddy and plump red bean and read the letter again from beginning to end. Only then did he begin to write a reply to You Jingshu. With the help of Wen Lang,aluminium edge trim, Kou Chengyuan successfully entered the door of the Kou family. In fact, the method was very simple. Since Kou Chengguang spread rumors that Kou Chengyuan had no conscience and his parents didn't go back to see him when he was sick, he simply let Kou Cheng go to the door and kneel down. He tearfully asked him to go in and take a look at his parents. Kou Chengguang did not expect this move, and when he reacted, a new wave of comments had quickly swept across the city. Wen Lang is a person who has lived in the 21st century for 25 years, and he still knows something about the routine of public opinion. He specially hired people to spread in the vegetable market and other places that the eldest son of the Kou family drove the second son of the Kou family out of the house, not to mention that he did not allow people to go home to visit relatives. He also made a counter-charge that the second son of the family was unfilial. It is estimated that it is human nature to like gossip. Not only modern people but also ancient people like to watch it. As a result, the two brothers of the Kou family fought against each other, and the eldest son ruthlessly drove his younger brother out of the house, and the matter of framing his younger brother was widely spread. Wen Lang also let people go everywhere to help Kou Chengyuan sell miserably, wholeheartedly for the sake of his brother, did not expect that in the end he was calculated by his closest relatives, tile profile factory ,aluminum tile trim, successfully created a kind and simple, Frank and enthusiastic, a sincere image of feeding the dog, coupled with Kou Chengyuan's handsome appearance, provoked the women of Fucheng to love him very much. The patriarch of the Kou family even found Kou Chengguang because of this matter. Unexpectedly, Kou Chengguang actually put people under house arrest while his father was ill in bed. He was so angry that Kou's father and mother were getting worse and worse. Kou's side branch of those people see Kou Chengguang to fall, have the idea, but Kou Chengyuan did not let them succeed, the key time to come forward, took over the crane tower business, and the business is in good order, everyone thought Kou Chengyuan will retaliate Kou Chengguang, but I didn't expect that Kou Cheng yuan not only did not drive Kou Cheng Guang out, Instead, he gave Kou Chengguang a good meal and a good drink. Originally to Kou Chengyuan also have a grudge against the patriarch, immediately put down the heart, praise Kou Chengyuan is a good boy, heavy love heavy righteousness, the people of the city will also Kou Cheng yuan praise out of the flower, this is how kind of a person, unexpectedly return good for evil. The partners who had seen the situation was not good also continued to cooperate under the sincerity of Kou Chengyuan, and then they found that the dandy brother in the mouth of Kou's eldest son was better than his brother. In order to thank Wen Lang for his help, Kou Chengyuan gave Wen Lang 10% of the bonus. Li Le was shocked that Kou Chengyuan was willing to give the Crane Tower to Wen Lang, an outsider. Don't underestimate this. It costs hundreds of taels of silver to eat at the Crane Tower casually. This is not a place where ordinary people can afford it. In this way, the Crane Tower gives Wen Lang a lot of dividends a year. You are clever. Wen Lang did not answer immediately and smiled. "Sure enough, nothing can be hidden from Boss Wen." Kou Chengyuan laughed. Li Le is confused. What do you mean? Isn't this a bargain for Brother Lang? Wen Lang took the initiative to explain: "He exchanged 10% of the bonus for my long-term cooperation, which is more cost-effective. I took the bonus of the Crane Tower. In the future, the interests of the Crane Tower will be closely related to me. This guy wants me to contribute." "I think it's a good opportunity for mutual benefit." Kou Chengyuan smiled and raised his glass to offer a toast to Wen Lang. Wen Lang does not mind taking 10% of the dividend, after all, he is quite optimistic about Kou Chengyuan, otherwise he will not help him. Then we will make a lot of money in the future. Wen Lang picked up his glass and touched it with Kou Chengyuan. Li Le looked at the two of them and belatedly realized that he still had something to learn. After arranging things on this side of Fucheng, Wen Lang explained some things to Li Le before he set off back to Linxi Village. Before he left, Kou Chengyuan, who would see him off in the future, called him aside. Help keep an eye on Li Le a little more. Kou Chengyuan patted his chest and promised, "Don't worry, I won't let anyone bully Li Le." Wen Lang sighed, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Don't bully him either." Kou Chengyuan brushed his face red, "I." I won't. Wen Lang looked at him suspiciously. "You'd better not,aluminum tile edge trim, or I'll rush over and hit you." "Yes." Kou Chengyuan nodded yes. Even in the hot summer, the business of Wenji Hotpot Restaurant and Barbecue Restaurant in Fucheng was so good that even the magistrate would take his wife and children to eat every three or five times. And what the ladies and brothers in Fucheng like most is Wenji's dessert shop. A cup of watermelon juice is very comfortable in the hot summer. The carriage was too slow. When Wen Lang arrived at the gate of Quanxi County, he just woke up and saw that he was finally going to arrive. He breathed a sigh of relief. It was too painful to take a carriage. He thought that he still had a carriage to take. Most of the students who went to Pingcheng to take the exam went on foot.