Valid Deep-Security-Professional Exam Notes, Exam Deep-Security-Professional Introduction

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The Trend Deep-Security-Professional certification exam covers a range of topics related to deep security, including intrusion detection and prevention, network segmentation, application control, and virtual patching. The exam also covers the best practices for deploying and managing Trend Micro Deep Security. The exam is designed to test the candidate's knowledge and skills in these areas.

Valid Deep-Security-Professional Exam Notes

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Trend Micro Certified Professional for Deep Security Sample Questions (Q69-Q74):

The Security Level for Web Reputation in a policy is set to High. A server assigned this policy attempts to access a Web site with a credibility score of 78.
What is the result?

  • A. The Deep Security Agent displays a warning message as the site is unrated.
  • B. The Deep Security Agent allows access to the Web site, and logs the connection attempt as an Event.
  • C. The Deep Security Agent allows access as the credibility score for the Web site is above the allowed threshold.
  • D. The Deep Security Agent blocks access as the credibility score for the Web site is below the allowed threshold. An error page is displayed in the Web browser.

Answer: D

Which of the following statements is true regarding Intrusion Prevention rules?

  • A. Intrusion Prevention rules check for the IP addresses of known malicious senders within a packet
  • B. Intrusion Prevention rules can detect or block traffic associated with specific applica-tions, such as Skype or file-sharing utilities.
  • C. Intrusion Prevention rules monitor the system for changes to a baseline configuration.
  • D. Intrusion Prevention rules can block unrecognized software from executing.

Answer: B

How can you prevent a file from being scanned for malware?

  • A. Add the file to the Exclusions list in the "Allowed Spyware/Grayware Configuration".
  • B. Edit the "Scan Exclusions" section of the configuration file on the Deep Security Agent computer to include the file name. Save the configuration file and restart the Deep Security Agent service.
  • C. Enable "File Types scanned by IntelliScan" in the Malware Scan Configuration prop-erties in the Deep Security Manager Web console. Click "Scan All Except" and type the filename to exclude from the scan.
  • D. Add the file to the Exclusions list in the Malware Scan Configuration.

Answer: D

The details for an event are displayed in the exhibit. Based on these details, which Protection Module generated the event?

  • A. Log Inspection
  • B. Integrity Monitoring
  • C. Intrusion Prevention
  • D. Firewall

Answer: A

The maximum disk space limit for the Identified Files folder is reached. What is the expected Deep Security Agent behavior in this scenario?

  • A. Any existing files are in the folder are compressed and forwarded to Deep Security Manager to free up disk space.
  • B. Deep Security Agents will delete any files that have been in the folder for more than 60 days.
  • C. Deep Security Agents will delete the oldest files in this folder until 20% of the allocated space is available.
  • D. Files will no longer be able to be quarantined. Any new files due to be quarantined will be deleted instead.

Answer: C

If the limit is reached, the oldest files will be deleted first until 20% of allocated space is freed up.
Explication: Study Guide - page (203)


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