Easy Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

If you're looking for easy homemade kids Halloween costumes, there are 84 of them right here! From Mary Poppins to skeletons and tigers, here are some simple ideas that you can use.



If you're looking for easy homemade kids Halloween costumes, there are 84 of them right here! From Mary Poppins to skeletons and tigers, here are some simple ideas that you can use. Whatever your kid's style, you'll be sure to find the perfect outfit in our article! And don't worry about spending money on expensive costumes when you can create your own. You'll save money and the hassle, too!

84 easy homemade kids' Halloween costumes

Creating and wearing your own kids' Halloween costumes can be incredibly fun, creative, and budget-friendly. With the help of the Internet, you can find some of the most creative and cost-effective options, so you can have a Halloween party that your kids won't soon forget. The prices in this article were accurate at the time of publication, but prices can change since this post was written. Please note that affiliate links may earn you a commission if you purchase the product.

Merilee, an aspiring designer, made knight costumes for her boys from $3 fuzzy toilet seat covers, black felt, fabric paint, and tape. The boys' costumes were complete with boots, swords, and shields. The t-shirt is a great option too. You can also use a bat t-shirt instead of the regular costume. A bat mask can be made using a printable mask, and black felt is the perfect material for the costume's wing design.

Dressing up as Mary Poppins

If you want to dress up your child as one of the most iconic characters in the Disney universe, you can make a costume that resembles Mary Poppins from the beloved 1964 movie. This costume will include a white dress and a red bow-tie, black boots, and a hat with flowers. You can also get a parasol, as Mary Poppins is famous for her flying umbrella.

The first step in creating your Mary Poppins costume is to purchase a hat and umbrella. The hat can be a spray-painted straw sun-hat with hot-glued flowers. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-made Mary Poppins costume. A pair of white gloves and a black parrot umbrella are also essential. A vintage white victorian ruffle button-up blouse is also a good choice.

Dressing up as a skeleton

If you are looking for a costume that is both fun and creepy, consider dressing up your child as a skeleton. A skeleton is a popular choice for Halloween, as it gives your little girl a realistic undead appearance. This costume is perfect for trick-or-treating or a school Halloween celebration. Here are some tips for dressing up your child as a skeleton:

A skeleton costume for boys comes in many styles. Some of the more traditional skeleton costumes are available for boys, such as a swashbuckling buccaneer bones pirate costume, a gruesome skeleton costume, and a zombie convict skeleton costume. There are also costumes for girls with pink and black tutus. No matter what the gender of your child, there is a skeleton costume available for you!

Dressing up as a tiger

For a great kid's Halloween costume, consider dressing up your child as a tiger. These majestic creatures can be made into a costume, or you can purchase a tiger mask that fits your child's face perfectly. These masks are attached to your child's chin with a simple strap, and will make your child's inner tiger come out in full force.

The Striped Tiger costume is a great option for a kids' costume. It's comfortable and easy to wear, and features a furry striped jumpsuit with a tail at the back. This classic costume is popular with children of all ages because it's universally recognized and fits any child. A tiger costume can be worn for any costume event, whether it's Halloween or Book Week!

Dressing up as a ladybug

A toddler ladybug costume is an adorable way to celebrate Halloween this year. With a black bodice, orange tulip applique and red antennae headband, your little girl will be the sweetest bug in the world. And since ladybug costumes come in all sizes, you can be sure your child will love wearing one! And don't worry - there are some great ones out there for adults as well!

You'll need a basic red sweatshirt and some felt to make the ladybug costume. You can also add a customized leafy trick-or-treat tote bag to complete the look. To create the ladybug, start by prewashing the sweatshirt and cutting out circles on the felt. Once you've cut out the circles, sew around the edges of each spot.

Dressing up as a policeman

For your kids' Halloween costume, dressing up as a policeman can be a fun and unique idea. However, you should be sure that you are not impersonating a police officer. Police officers might not take your costume seriously. You may want to jokingly play around, but if you are serious, the police may take it very seriously. This is a perfect Halloween costume for both boys and girls!

A good policeman costume for children will come with a realistic police badge, hat, pants, and belt. Many police outfits will also include handcuffs, a gun, and a radio. The Police Officer Toddler Costume is one of the most realistic outfits on the market, as it has embroidered 'POLICE' and includes a police badge. For the ultimate police officer look, you can opt for a costume that includes realistic-looking plastic police accessories.


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