Liu Wan Yang Dang Mo Zhi

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Two and a place, the facade is wider, more bright style,disc air diffuser, or two stories high, but the above has not been decorated. Kuang Zhenzhu was anxious to let her see something fresh, so he called her here.

The leading rider was a big man with oily black skin, a nose and triangular eyes, and a beard lined with flesh all over his face. He grinned grimly at his pale companion behind him, whose hair was tied with a silk scarf with flower spots. Greeting, two people have been forced to rein in the horse at the same time, in the two horses "ostrich" hissing, the other two people also followed! One of the two men was dressed in a black blouse and knickerbockers, with a full head of yellow hair hanging over his shoulders, fleshless cheeks and a sharp collar. The pupil in the deep eye socket was shining like electricity, he conveniently wiped the sweat and flicked it out with his finger, and the foot behind the ponytail was bald. Son, also followed his example, opened a mouth full of jagged yellow teeth and spat heavily. The big man let out a long breath, and his voice was like smashing a broken Gong. "Hey, I didn't expect there was a family in this place." I've been running for most of the day, and my throat is dry and burning. Huang Mao'er, shall we dismount and find a cup of water to quench our thirst? With yellow hair. The big fellow looked sullenly at the family in front of him for a long time and said coldly, "Don't leave any traces for those tortoise grandsons to chase again." Here comes the earth! The man with a flowery silk scarf on his head spat out the middle corner in his mouth. "*** him," he said in a hoarse voice. Yes, after eating and drinking, all the mouths of the family will be sealed? Why are you so wordy? The bald man touched the cow on his head. The mountain snorted, "That's right. Anyway, that one of us is in debt. His mother's life debt, gold and silver debt, gratitude and resentment debt." Have, doomed to fail,MBR reactor, and then his mother how to do good also want to fight into the 18 layers of hell, as Lao Jiu said, eat and drink. Shut the mouth of the family! One eyebrow like two brooms, the big man slanted his legs to dismount, and the pair of hairy legs stepped on the ground like knocking. Feeling stuffy, the big man stretched out his hand and "clattered" and "clattered" to shake the simple door of my bamboo fence. His strength was infinite, and the bamboo door had gone through several times. With such gravity? It didn't take three or two times for him to pull it down with a bamboo stick! It was probably the sound of shaking the door that disturbed the people in the room, and a clear and soft voice came from the heart: "Who is it?"? He came to open the door. As soon as the big man heard the sound, he was stunned as if he had swallowed a big bowl of ice water. He narrowed his eyes,fine bubble diffuser, stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, staring at the bamboo at the door like a greedy bear. The turbaned man half-opened his mouth and murmured leeringly, "Well, it's a woman.." The bamboo inside the door was gently fished out. From now on, a pretty figure in a moonlight white blouse came out gracefully, but as soon as her eyes touched the four pictures in front of her. Greedy and ferocious face, can not help but like an electrode suddenly frightened, open a pair of frightened big eyes, lips spasm can not speak. In a word! The big man stared at the beautiful and sweet face and swallowed a mouthful of saliva with a "goo", almost salivating. "Don't bother, young lady," he said in a choking voice. "I've opened the door myself." The beautiful young woman stepped back in fear. Step by step, with his hands clasped on his chest, he said, "You.." Who are you? You.. What do you want? Big guy, hand one. Wiping his mouth, he laughed rudely and said, "Do you want it?"? Hey, lamella tube ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, hey, that's you! With these words, he kicked open the bamboo door on the ground. Step to the young woman, behind about three people also dismounted, yellow-haired man took out a wet real sweat towel to wipe his face, evil voice evil. "Old Black," he said angrily, "every time you touch flowers, you take the lead. Don't eat them all at once. You eat noodles, brother." You have to drink soup! The big man looked back and made a face. Then he turned back and said, "My big sister, did you hear that?"? These are mine This guy is also greedy. Hey, maybe you've been thirsty for a long time. Big sister, let our brothers work hard for you. Right.. Young married woman a piece of face already frighten is pale, she is frightened to retreat, suddenly shrill cry aloud: "Dragon elder brother dragon!" Brother. "With a slight sign, the big man grinned grimly and said," Drink, how dare you have someone in your bed? No wonder, damn it. If you shrink back without saying three words, let's see what kind of material your man is! The sound of hurried footsteps continued to ring from behind. Coming over, like a gust of wind, a young man of moderate stature and high spirits rushed out, shouting, "What's the matter?"? Qingqing, What's the matter? The young woman who called Qingqing cried and threw herself into the young man's arms. She was so frightened that she trembled and could only use her hands to face the bamboo fence. The murderers outside pointed at it. As soon as the big man's triangular eyes hung, he looked at the young man evilly. Well, although the young man was dressed in a blue cloth, His hands were also stained with mud, but his eyes were like morning stars, his lips were red and his teeth were white, and against the jade bridge of his nose, his whole body was full of it. Natural and unrestrained taste, enough handsome, enough beautiful. The young man put his arm around the young woman in his arms and said in a low voice, "Did they bully you, Qingqing?" The young married woman wept slightly. Nod, the body is still shaking. The young man raised his head angrily, but strangely turned calm in an instant. "Dear friends," he said, "this is my wife. It seems that you are also heroes in Jianghu. What do you need?" "Why bother to bully a woman's family if you try to avoid mentioning it to her?" The big town seemed to have some unexpected "memories" and laughed. Send: "Small hold one's breath, listen to your tone, you also had been mixed on the road." The young man said calmly, "I can't talk about mixing up. I just follow a few people." A senior ran for a few days. "What's your name?" Said the big man. The young man stepped back and said, "I'm here." Long Zunwu. "Long Zunwu?" The big man read it again and said, "Pooh," Lao Tzu has been licking blood on the road for more than twenty years. I've traveled all over the country, but I've never heard of the name of this bird. ***, you're still ostentatious, but you're not small. You look like a big shot! He The three men behind him burst into laughter. The big yellow-haired man took two steps and said in a strange way, "Boy, let's have a look." On your wife, so, want to make a discussion with you, please temporarily let the virtuous, the matter is over, we immediately on the road,lamella clarifer, later You can also make a friend. The young woman called Qingqing gave a loud scream and cried, "Respect me!" This young man, Long Zunwu.