Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

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Men always think they are not smart enough,american hot tub, and women always think they are not beautiful enough. Because of the biggest trouble and the second biggest trouble, there is less happiness and more distress in life. But I don't complain, because it's no use complai

Unwilling to accept this cruel fact, although it knows that Chu Miaoli is not the seed of the immortal bone it has personally selected, it is still happy to see Chu Miaoli move freely under its eyes in the form of the seed of the immortal bone-so that it can at least deceive itself and others to deceive itself that its seed of immortal bone is still alive in this world. Of course, during this period, Chu Miaoli personally said that he wanted to avenge the original owner, which also contributed a lot. After figuring out the task she had to accomplish this time, Chu Miaoli rolled down from the bed of cold jade-although her limbs were still very weak, it was much better than the extreme weakness she had just possessed in the world. Chu Miaoli, who knew that it was not suitable to stay here for a long time and could not use her original magic power, walked slowly along the road where Duanmu Zhenglun tied her up in the original owner's mind. Because Duanmu Zhenglun was convinced that he had killed the original owner himself, Chu Miaoli had not met anyone who had stopped her along the way. However, even if no one blocked her way, this snow road, which was opened up in the glacier snow,endless swim spa, was not affordable for ordinary people. At least, when Chu Miaoli went through difficulties and obstacles to the end of the snow road, she looked no different from a real dead person. Chu Miaoli, who was pale and almost transparent, gasped for several mouthfuls of snow and wind into her lungs before she managed to regain a little sanity-just as she was thinking about what she should do next, she suddenly heard the sound of a fierce fight not far away. Among them,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, a voice like a night owl is laughing wildly: "Feng Changyi!"! As the saying goes, the King of Hell calls you to die in the third watch, who dares to keep people in the fifth watch! Today I think you are doomed to die in the hands of someone in Lu, ha. You are a beast who bites the hand that feeds him! You'll get what you deserve! When Chu Miaoli pricked up her ears because of the name of Feng Changyi, another angry male voice rang out. Although the male voice tried to make his tone more mature, anyone with ears could hear the fear and fear in his tone. Ha ha ha ha, boy, say you are naive, you are really not generally naive! Don't hear the golden belt of murder and arson, build bridges and pave roads without corpses! If there is retribution in this world? How could you let your master and servant fall into the hands of my Lu Youde?! Don't blame me-I had to! Who let the grandfather of the eldest son let his grandson engage with whom is not good, 5 person hot tub ,outdoor whirlpool tub, but to engage with the first beauty of Blue Fantasy City? Don't you know that the first beauty of Blue Fantasy City was already in the pocket of Master Duanmu eight hundred years ago? You're lying! Miss Jing is deeply in love with our eldest young master. She won't, won't hang out with that bullshit Duanmu young master! You can't sully people's innocence! "Dirty people are innocent?!"! Boy, you don't believe that you are stupid! Do you know where I got the news today and know that you will go this way? I tell you, it is Miss Ah Jing in your mouth who personally sent someone to show me the way! She can't stand to be the fiance of the big young master! I wish he would die at my hands now! You're lying! Miss Jing is not the kind of person you said! Am I lying? I'm sure your young master has a pretty good idea, right? Otherwise, he couldn't have heard me slander his fiancee and remained indifferent-you know, in this blue fantasy city, who didn't know that Master Changyi of the Feng family was willing to risk his life for his fiancee?! Young master, Lu Youde is lying, isn't he? On weekdays, when Miss Ajing saw ants passing by her, she was reluctant to step on them. How could she. How could you deliberately leak our whereabouts to Lu Youde! There must be something else in it! "What else is there to hide?"? Zhou Jing is the only one in the whole Blue Fantasy City who knows that we are on the Cold Cliff. Besides her, who else would deliberately leak our whereabouts and kill us? An unusually cold voice came into Chu Miaoli's ears at this time. Although Chu Miaoli has not yet seen people with her own eyes, she is already 80% sure that the other party is the object of her strategy. Whoo, whoo. But I can't figure it out, eldest young master. I can't figure out why Miss Ah Jing did this. She has always liked eldest young master, hasn't she? "Miss Ah Jing really liked Master Feng very much, but what she liked was Master Feng, who had unlimited scenery!" Lu Youde seemed to like to see Feng Changyi's discomfited appearance, and when he said this, his tone actually brought out a smile of kindness. Master Feng, you are very good. At least you didn't cry like a little child and say something stupid like this is impossible. Seeing that you are still transparent and have saved my life, I, Lao Lu, can give you a good time today! Don't blame me for being cruel, let alone ungrateful-after all, every man for himself, the devil take the hindmost, who let you fall into my hands? "Lu Youde, are you really so confident that you can kill me today?" "Yes, why, is it possible that the eldest young master can still escape from this mortal situation?"? Oh! There's something I forgot to tell Master Feng. Your good fiancee is determined to kill you. So he smeared a kind of poison called Rouge on the teacup to see you off. I believe you've heard about that poison. Under such circumstances, Master Feng still thinks I can't kill you, Lao Lu? "Oh.." Rouge button?! Are you talking about the kind of Rouge that will become more beautiful than a woman bit by bit after poisoning,outdoor endless pool, until it finally dies?! It was obviously not the first time that Feng Changyi's boy had heard of the poison of Rouge button, and his whole body was shocked by this horrible and cruel poison. Pretty good! It's that kind of Rouge, "Lu Youde said triumphantly." Miss Ah Jing really deserves to be the most beautiful woman in the Blue Fantasy City. Even poisoning her fiance is so poetic! " 。 monalisa.com