How Eric Emanuel Became a Goliath Fashion Brand

How Eric Emanuel Became a Goliath Fashion Brand



Eric Emanuel is a fashion brand currently trending in high society, but with simple inception. The brand bears the name of the entrepreneur who started his current fashion empire by making custom jerseys. He followed his instincts, did what he loved and as a result, he’s reached pinnacles of success in the fashion industry, whether it was his purpose or not. That is the way Eric Emanuel became a goliath fashion brand.

Who is Eric Emanuel and what is his business?
Movie Cultists describes Eric Emanuel as a simple entrepreneur with a passion for jerseys. He lives in New york city in the Garment Region, where he works at a manufacturing facility where the products having his label are produced. His life centers around the city and his work. He began his career as a professional designer in Syracuse, New york, as an unknown eric emanuel clothing. Before achieving fame and success in the fashion world, he hand-produced jerseys with customizations that made them unique in the market. He attended the fashion Institute of Technology, earning a marketing degree, but he didn’t have much experience with men’s fashion wear. He’s largely self-taught. He added luxury details to jerseys, adjusting them into designer clothes.

Focus on sports-themed streetwear
Emanuel’s first projects were sports-themed, reworking existing jerseys from his dormitory room at FIT. He started the business while still in college with help from friends. He made business connections over time, and hustled to promote the products, according to Complex. He built a small grouping of returning customers over time and earned a reputation as a shirt customizer. Eric’s fans include Young Thug, Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa, and several others. Eric set his sights high and aimed for the luxury streetwear market, which he effectively broke into. He’s a master at his craft, fortunate enough to gain the attention of notable clients. Emanuel bought vintage jerseys from auction sites which he customized. He reconstructed the jerseys and set up a few pop-up shops in New york. He solid a relationship with Mitchell Ness and runs some of his products through the establishment. He travels to various states to source the posh materials used in his revamps of the jerseys. Eric is discriminating about the materials he decides on for custom jerseys. He favors python skin because it comes in large sizes, which are easier to work with. Each custom shirt takes between a day to a week to complete. He maintains the authenticity of the product, preferring to work with organic materials. Eric started his business by doing all the work himself. When demand begun to rise, he hired a team to help him assemble the jerseys, when he could no longer get caught up with the demand himself. He works together with a team of three including himself. On a typical day, he starts with a check-in at the manufacturing plant, then works together with clients, checks on store accounts, and other business-related to the company.