Solutions to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 80070057

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With the advancement of QuickBooks, one can almost forget that after all, it is software that is bound to have some loopholes as well. Referring to such loopholes or errors, there is another one we came across. It is named QuickBooks Error 80070057. It generally appears when the user attem

Are you struggling with QuickBooks Error 80070057? Don't worry, you're not alone! This pesky error code can cause frustration and delays in managing your finances. But fear not, for we are here to help you troubleshoot and resolve this issue once and for all. In this blog post, we will delve into the common causes of QuickBooks Error 80070057 and provide you with step-by-step solutions to fix it. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let's dive into the world of QuickBooks troubleshooting!

Understanding QuickBooks Error 80070057

Understanding QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 can be a bit perplexing at first, but fear not, we're here to break it down for you. This error code usually occurs when you try to open a company file in QuickBooks and encounter issues with the file extension or its name.

The error message itself is quite straightforward – it indicates that the parameter is incorrect. In simpler terms, this means there's an issue with how QuickBooks is attempting to access your company file.

One possible cause of this error is an outdated version of QuickBooks. It's important to ensure that you are using the latest version available, as updates often include bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

Another common culprit behind Error 80070057 is an incorrect file name or extension. Ensure that your company file has both a recognizable name and the correct ".qbw" extension.

Additionally, firewall and security settings can play a role in triggering this error. Sometimes these settings may block QuickBooks from accessing necessary files. Adjusting these settings could potentially resolve the issue.

Corrupted company files may also lead to Error 80070057. In such cases, creating a new company file might be necessary to fix the problem.

Now that we have a better understanding of what causes this error let's move on to troubleshooting solutions in our next section!

Common Causes of QuickBooks Error 80070057

One of the most frustrating things for QuickBooks users is encountering error messages. One such error that often leaves users scratching their heads is QuickBooks Error 80070057. This error occurs when you try to open a company file but are unable to access it.

There are several common causes behind this error. One possible cause is an incorrect file extension, where the file's extension does not match what QuickBooks expects it to be. Another cause could be related to firewall or security settings blocking QuickBooks from accessing the company file.

Another common cause of this error is using a network drive instead of a local drive to store your company files. When multiple users try to access the same file simultaneously, conflicts can arise and result in Error 80070057.

Additionally, outdated versions of QuickBooks software can also trigger this error as they may lack compatibility with certain operating systems or other software components.

Understanding these common causes will help you troubleshoot and resolve QuickBooks Error 80070057 effectively. So, let's explore some solutions in the next section!

Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Error 80070057

Update QuickBooks to the Latest Version: One of the first steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 80070057 is to ensure that you are using the latest version of the software. Intuit regularly releases updates and patches to fix known issues and improve performance. By updating your software, you can eliminate any bugs or glitches that may be causing the error.

Verify Company File Name and Extension: Another common cause of QuickBooks Error 80070057 is an incorrect company file name or extension. Make sure that your company file has a .qbw extension at the end. If it doesn't, rename it accordingly. Additionally, check for any special characters in the file name as they can also trigger this error.

Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool: Intuit provides a handy tool called QuickBooks File Doctor which can help diagnose and resolve many common errors, including Error 80070057. This tool scans your company files for issues and attempts to repair them automatically.

Change Firewall and Security Settings: Sometimes, firewall settings or security programs on your computer can interfere with QuickBooks operations, leading to various errors including Error 80070057. Temporarily disabling these programs or adding exceptions for QuickBooks in their settings may resolve this issue.

Create a New Company File: If all else fails, creating a new company file may be necessary to fix Error 80070057 permanently. You will need to re-enter all data into the new file but this ensures a fresh start without any underlying issues from previous versions.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to overcome QuickBooks Error 80070057 and continue using your accounting software smoothly.

A. Update QuickBooks to the Latest Version

One of the first steps to troubleshoot Error 80070057 QuickBooks is to ensure that you have the latest version of QuickBooks installed on your computer. Updating to the latest version can resolve any compatibility issues and bugs that may be causing the error.

To update QuickBooks, follow these simple steps:

1. Open QuickBooks and go to the "Help" menu.
2. Select "Update QuickBooks Desktop".
3. In the Update Now tab, click on "Get Updates" button.
4. Wait for the updates to download and install.
5. Once completed, restart your computer.

Updating QuickBooks not only addresses potential software glitches but also ensures that you have all the latest features and improvements available.

By regularly updating your software, you can minimize errors like Error 80070057 and improve overall performance. It is important to stay up-to-date with new releases as Intuit frequently releases updates to address known issues and enhance user experience.

Remember, keeping your software updated is a crucial maintenance task that should not be overlooked in order to prevent errors and maintain smooth functionality in using QuickBooks.

B. Verify Company File Name and Extension

One of the common causes of QuickBooks Error 80070057 is an incorrect company file name or extension. It's essential to ensure that the file name and extension are accurate to avoid encountering this error.

To verify the company file name and extension, you can follow these steps:

1. Open QuickBooks and go to the "No Company Open" window.
2. Click on "Open a Sample File" or choose your company file if it appears in the list.
3. Once your company file opens, press F2 on your keyboard to bring up the Product Information window.
4. In this window, check the location for your company file under "File Information."
5. Make sure that both the filename and its extension match what is shown in Step 3 above.

If you find any discrepancies between your actual company file name and its extension, you will need to rename it accordingly. It's crucial to be cautious while renaming files as any mistakes may lead to data loss or other complications.

By verifying the company file name and extension correctly, you can eliminate one potential cause of QuickBooks Error 80070057

C. Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

If you are still encountering the QuickBooks Error 80070057 after trying the previous troubleshooting steps, don't worry! Intuit has provided a handy tool called the QuickBooks File Doctor that can help resolve this issue.

The QuickBooks File Doctor is designed to automatically diagnose and repair issues with your company file. It can fix common errors like network connectivity problems and corrupted data files. To use this tool, follow these simple steps:

1. Download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor from the official Intuit website.

2. Launch the program on your computer.

3. Select "Browse" to locate and select your company file.

4. Choose whether you want to check file damage only or both file damage and network connectivity.

5. Click on "Diagnose File" to begin the scanning process.

6. The tool will identify any issues found in your company file and attempt to repair them automatically.

7. Once the repair process is complete, open QuickBooks again and check if you're able to access your company file without encountering Error 80070057.

Using the QuickBooks File Doctor can be an effective solution for resolving many common software-related issues within minutes! Give it a try if you haven't already done so.

D. Change Firewall and Security Settings

One of the common causes of QuickBooks Error 80070057 is incorrect firewall and security settings. If your firewall or antivirus software is blocking QuickBooks from accessing the company file, you may encounter this error.

To troubleshoot this issue, you need to adjust your firewall and security settings to allow access for QuickBooks. Here's how:

1. Open your firewall or antivirus software.
2. Go to the program permissions or exceptions section.
3. Add QuickBooks as an allowed program.
4. Make sure that both incoming and outgoing connections are permitted for QuickBooks.
5. Save the changes and restart your computer.

By changing these settings, you will ensure that QuickBooks can communicate with its company file without any hindrance from your firewall or security software.

Remember to consult the documentation provided by your specific firewall or antivirus software for detailed instructions on how to modify these settings.

Taking these steps should help resolve QuickBooks Error 80070057 caused by incorrect firewall or security settings and allow smooth functioning of your accounting tasks within QuickBooks

E. Create a New Company File

If all else fails and you're still encountering QuickBooks Error 80070057, it may be time to create a new company file. This solution can be a bit more time-consuming and involves starting from scratch, but it can often resolve the issue.

To create a new company file, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Open QuickBooks and click on "File" in the menu bar.
2. Select "New Company" from the drop-down menu.
3. Follow the prompts to set up your new company file.
4. Manually enter any necessary data or import information from your old company file if possible.
5. Save the new company file with a different name and location than your previous one.

Creating a new company file essentially gives you a fresh start without any of the underlying issues that may have caused Error 80070057 in the first place.

Remember to back up your old company file before creating a new one, as this will ensure that you don't lose any important data during the process.

While creating a new company file may seem daunting, it's often an effective way to overcome persistent errors like QuickBooks Error 80070057.

Next Steps: Prevention Tips for Future Occurrences

Prevention Tips for Future Occurrences

To avoid encountering QuickBooks Error 80070057 in the future, it's important to implement some preventive measures. Here are a few tips to help you steer clear of this frustrating error:

1. Regularly update your QuickBooks software: Keeping your QuickBooks software up to date ensures that you have the latest bug fixes and patches installed, reducing the chances of encountering errors.

2. Backup your company file regularly: Creating regular backups of your company file is essential in case any data corruption or file-related issues occur. This way, if an error like Error 80070057 does happen, you can easily restore a working version of your files without much hassle.

3. Use caution when accessing company files over a network: Avoid opening and editing QuickBooks company files directly from external storage devices or network drives as it may lead to compatibility issues and trigger errors like Error 80070057.

4. Educate yourself and your team on proper usage: Ensure that all users who access QuickBooks are trained on how to correctly use the software and handle company files. This includes understanding file extensions, avoiding unnecessary changes to system settings, and adhering to recommended practices.

5. Maintain adequate security settings: Keep an eye on firewall and security settings on both your computer and network infrastructure. Make sure that these settings do not interfere with QuickBooks operations or block necessary communication channels.

By following these prevention tips, you can minimize the risk of encountering QuickBooks Error 80070057 in the future, allowing for smoother bookkeeping processes within your business.


If you have gone through the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and are still experiencing QuickBooks Error 80070057, it may be time to seek professional help. Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, provides excellent customer support that can assist you in resolving any issues you may encounter.

You can contact the QuickBooks support team via phone or chat by visiting their official website. Their knowledgeable technicians will be able to guide you through further troubleshooting steps specific to your situation.

Remember, addressing errors promptly is crucial for maintaining the smooth functioning of your accounting software. By seeking assistance from experts when needed, you can ensure that your QuickBooks experience remains hassle-free.

In conclusion,
QuickBooks Error 80070057 can certainly disrupt your workflow and cause frustration. However, with a clear understanding of its causes and effective troubleshooting steps at hand, you can overcome this error quickly.

Updating QuickBooks regularly, verifying file names and extensions, using tools like QuickBooks File Doctor, adjusting firewall settings if necessary, or creating a new company file are some solutions that have proven helpful in resolving this error for many users.

Remember to always take preventive measures such as backing up your files regularly and keeping your software updated to avoid future occurrences of this error. And should all else fail, don't hesitate to reach out to the QuickBooks support team for expert guidance.

With these solutions and tips in mind, you'll be well-equipped to tackle QuickBooks Error 80070057 head-on and get back on track with managing your finances efficiently!