Artist Collection Mug

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Handcrafted Ceramic Self-heating Mugs
Transcend the ordinary with the Ui Artist Collection, an enchanting array of fine ceramic self-heating mugs meticulously handmade by skilled ceramic artisans. Each mug in this exclusive line is a testament to the sublime beauty and uniqueness that

Keeps Your Drink Hot

The Ui Mug employs advanced electromagnetic energy to maintain the ideal warmth of your coffee or tea. This ensures that every sip is enjoyed at the perfect temperature, enhancing the pleasure and taste of your beverage experience.

This mug has some specific features.

·        Keeps Drink Hot at 1300F

 Hand Crafted Fine Ceramic

 Fast Charge Cell Phone

 Dishwasher Safe

·        10-Year Limited Warranty

Meticulously Handcrafted

The Ui Artist Collection mugs are true masterpieces, skillfully handcrafted by talented artisans renowned for their exceptional ceramics. With meticulous attention to detail and strict quality control, each mug exemplifies the legacy of craftsmanship from this esteemed town, uniting tradition and innovation for an extraordinary experience.




OHOM Pad 3

Heating, Charging, Multifunctional

While the OHOM Pad provides the function of heating the mug, it can also wirelessly charge your cell-phone. Since the OHOM Pad uses electromagnetic to heat up the mug, it will remain warm to the touch, allowing your phone to be placed on top without risk of damage.

Why Ceramic?

For millennia, ceramic cups have been the trusted choice for savoring coffee and tea. In the Ui Mug, we've combined this time-honored material with cutting-edge electromagnetic technology, ensuring an untainted and warm drinking experience. No chemicals, no metallic aftertaste—just pure, pleasant enjoyment.

·        NO PAINT,

·        NO PLASTIC

·        NO METALLIC,

·        TASTE,

·        NO BATTERY



A Touch of Elegance in Every Sip

Let the symphony of luxury and convenience resonate throughout your life. Witness the captivating visuals of the Ui Artist Collection Mug, capturing the essence of style, simplicity, and innovation all in one captivating set.

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