Reliable ANC-201 Test Tips & Customizable ANC-201 Exam Mode

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On the basis of the current social background and development prospect, the ANC-201 certifications have gradually become accepted prerequisites to stand out the most in the workplace. As far as we know, in the advanced development of electronic technology, lifelong learning has become more accessible, which means everyone has opportunities to achieve their own value and life dream. Our ANC-201 Exam Materials are pleased to serve you as such an exam tool. You will have a better future with our ANC-201 study braindumps!

Salesforce ANC-201 exam focuses on building lenses, dashboards, and apps in Tableau CRM. It covers important topics such as data modeling, data analysis, and data visualization. ANC-201 exam is designed to test the candidate's ability to create data models, build data pipelines, and design effective dashboards and lenses. It also covers advanced topics such as customizing Tableau CRM with Apex and integrating Tableau CRM with other Salesforce products.

Candidates who pass the ANC-201 certification exam gain a competitive advantage over others. Building Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps in Tableau CRM certification demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge required to build lenses, dashboards, and apps in Tableau CRM. Building Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps in Tableau CRM certification also enhances your credibility and opens up several career opportunities. It can lead to higher pay, promotions, and can help you stand out in the job market.

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Customizable ANC-201 Exam Mode & ANC-201 PDF VCE

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The ANC-201 exam is an excellent way for professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in building lenses, dashboards, and apps in Tableau CRM. Earning this certification can help individuals advance their careers and open up new job opportunities in the rapidly growing field of data analytics and visualization.

Salesforce Building Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps in Tableau CRM Sample Questions (Q129-Q134):

Mosaic recently hired a new development coordinator, Zoe. First, Danielle grants Zoe the Einstein Analytics Platform license, but Zoe reports that she still can't access Einstein Analytics. What could be the problem?

  • A. An admin hasn't run a dataflow.
  • B. Danielle didn't share the Mosaic app with Zoe in Einstein Analytics.
  • C. Danielle still needs to grant Zoe a permission set containing the Use Analytics permission.
  • D. Danielle still needs to grant Zoe a permission set containing the Manage Analytics permission.

Answer: C

A company created a dataset called myExternalDataset. It contains a dimension, called UserRegion, that is populated by the standard User object's picklist: Region.
The company has security requirements for this dataset:
1. Only a subset of users should be able to access the dataset.
2. Users who can access the dataset should see only data that belongs to their region.
In which two ways can an Einstein Analytics consultant help them implement these requirements? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Save the dataset under "My Private App" so only a subset of selected users can access the dataset.
  • B. Save the dataset under a new application and give "viewer" access to a public group containing the list of users allowed to see the dataset.
  • C. Create a sharing rule in Salesforce based on the Region field in the user object and set the dataset to inherit sharing from Salesforce.
  • D. Use a security predicate in the dataset so users can see only rows belonging to their respective regions.

Answer: B,D

What does XMD stand for?

  • A. Extended Metadata
  • B. Lenses Dataset Fields
  • C. Create a JSON
  • D. Configuring unsupported fields

Answer: A

The Universal Containers company used Einstein Analytics to create two datasets:
Dataset A: contains a list of activities with an "activitylD" dimension and a "userlD" dimension Dataset B: contains a list of users with a "userlD" dimension The team wants to delete from Dataset A all activities related to users in Dataset B.
How can an Einstein Consultant help them achieve this?

  • A. Use a combination of dataflow transformations: "augment" and "filter."
  • B. Use an external ETL tool to extract both datasets and delete records.
  • C. Use the dataflow transformation "delete" and set "userlD" as the deletion ID.

Answer: A

D, Use the recipe operation "delete" and set "userlD" as the deletion ID.

After loading data to Einstein Discovery and creating a story, the client asks the Einstein Consultant to explain the "Unexplained Bar" in the "Why it Happened" chart.
Which explanation is correct?

  • A. It shows the difference between the predicted outcome and the observed outcome.
  • B. It only appears for outcomes that do not have an explanation.
  • C. It displays the difference between the analyzed data and the data not reviewed.
  • D. It should always be 0 or the model should not be used.

Answer: A


Customizable ANC-201 Exam Mode:

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