Digital oscilloscope Market

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The global digital oscilloscope market 2020, according to MRFR, is expected to record USD 3.01 Billion by 2023, to surge at a substantial CAGR of 6.82% over the review period. 


Market Synopsis

The global digital oscilloscope market 2020, according to MRFR, is expected to record USD 3.01 Billion by 2023, to surge at a substantial CAGR of 6.82% over the review period. 

Market Highlights

Despite having the most significant market share in the oscilloscope market, the Digital Oscilloscope market is estimated to grow at a slow rate. Analog oscilloscope had earlier been widely used in consumer electronics, manufacturing and precision engineering. However, the ability to transform any source of energy (heat, light, and sound) into digital form with greater precision and accuracy is the leading factor in Digital oscilloscope's massive market share. Digital oscilloscopes also tend to be more user-friendly than any other measuring tools that measure electrical voltage and current. The optical oscilloscope shows much more robust and more accurate graphics, which demonstrate the form and timing of the pulse precisely. There is room for development both in infrastructure and in equipment usage. Increased demand for signal storage and self-monitored facilities, expected growth in the general purpose test market, increased electronic device intelligence, increased bandwidth, improvements to the user interface, and modular instrumentation are expected to drive the market. Business constraints are likely to be competition, economic instability and future proof solutions. Connectivity and convergence, financial, intelligent like new green are emerging consumer trends. In emerging countries such as China and India, the increasingly growing importance of digital storage oscilloscopes in the field of technical education systems leads to increased adoption of digital oscilloscopes among educational institutions in the region. On the other hand, a significant challenge factor for the growth of the digital storage oscilloscopes market is the process of simultaneous capture of the adequate cycles of both fast and slow signals.

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Market Segmentation

The digital oscilloscope market is divided into Form, Application, End User and Regional segments. It is further bifurcated into Mobile Digital Oscilloscope and Stationary Digital Oscilloscope according to form. The hand held, or handheld oscilloscopes led this segmentation, as their comfort and versatility is the aspect that adds value. Digital Oscilloscope market is divided into data communication, 3D sensing, IP video, radar and electronic warfare, Power and energy management, and optical solutions based on Application. Even on the basis of End Users in which Electronics leads the league, the digital oscilloscope market is segmented. Electronics includes products from the component manufacturing to consumer electronics.

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Competitive Dynamics

The Digital oscilloscope market holds some of the major players such as UNI-Trends (China), Tektronix, Inc (US), GW Instek (Taiwan), Keysight Technologies (US), Teledyne LeCroy Corporation (US), Fluke Corporation (US), GAO Tek (Canada), Rohde & Schwarz GmbH (Germany), Rigol technologies (China), OWON (China), and Hantek (China).

Regional Outlook

The demand for optical oscilloscopes is segmented into regions such as North America, Europe, APAC and the rest of the world.

The Asia Pacific is the Optical Oscilloscope market leader, thanks to end-users such as consumer electronics and part manufacturing. Companies such as Huawei, Samsung and ZTE are the world leaders in consumer electronics and device manufacturing in countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, India and Taiwan. They are also the developing economies that are introducing the latest and disruptive technologies that warrant a lot of accuracy and precision.

North America, though, follows the APAC, but the difference is enormous. Major manufacturing of semiconductors and component electronics worldwide is done in APAC. Owing to the significant presence of consumers of digital storage oscilloscopes North America leads the global market for digital storage oscilloscopes. The development of the demand for digital storage oscilloscopes in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, follows the market in North America thanks to the adaptation of digital storage oscilloscopes technologies in the electronics and manufacturing sector in this region.

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