The Complete Guide to Switching From Puppy to Adult Dog Food

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A dog’s lifespan can be divided into three categories, which are puppy hood, adulthood, and the older years. As the dog grows, they need to go for different foods according to their requirements. Their appetite also changes when they grow. So, it is when you can switch the food according to your dog’s eating habits. Food for puppies has the right nutrients to help the dog grow, while food for adult dogs helps maintain strength and also stay at a healthy weight. So, let’s find out how you can switch your dog from puppy food to adult dog food Kuwait.

The Age and Breed of Dog

When dogs are around 6 to 12 months of age, they can transition to adult dog food. For this, you should look for some signs such as leaving portions of food or skipping meals. This means the dog feels full with even a small quantity of puppy food. Apart from this, you should consider the breed size of your dog too. When dogs are of smaller breeds, they may reach adulthood sooner. But medium-sized dogs require around 12 to 16 months to grow. The largest dog breeds may take around two years to reach maturity.

Adjusting Food Portions and Time

Puppies require more nutrition so that they can grow quickly. So, there should be small meals many times in the day. But as the dog grows, they may require fewer calories. It would help if you went for pet supplies Kuwait according to their requirements. You should adjust the feeding times and reduce them to two feedings per day. This will help your dog stay fit and have proper digestion. If you want your dog to adjust to it quickly, you should decide on a feeding schedule. You should measure the food every time and only give it according to the suggestions of your vet.

Transition Slowly

Once you know your dog is ready for adult food, you should transition them into the new diet slowly. It will take some time before they adjust to the new feeding schedule. You can contact your vet to understand the needs of your dog better.

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